2021 Best Culture Awards

HR professionals, like you, are working tirelessly to create a great culture and boost employee engagement - and we are impressed.  

This year we want to recognize that hard work with the Best Culture Awards. Winning this award will showcase your unique culture and the amazing people that make up your organization.

The right culture can help employees fulfill their need for meaning and purpose at work, leading to more impactful discretionary effort and higher performance levels. Great culture is a known powerful driver of employee engagement and better financial performance for organizations.

Recognizing Your Exceptional Workplace Culture

Applications are now closed for 2021. 

Winners will be announced in November.

Winners will be announced in November 2021

Winners will receive:

  • communications package including a digital award badge to display on your website, social media graphics, a pre-written press release, and more!

  • A company highlight on Kudos.com and Kudos®’s Social Media platforms 

  • Recognition in a formal press release by Kudos®

  • A story or case study about your company on the Kudos® blog 

  • A boost in EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to help attract top talent  

  • Serious bragging rights! 

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Applications are now closed.

  1. Complete the Application Form

  2. Kudos® will reach out for a short interview

  3. Kudos® will write a story/case study, which will be sent to you for approval

  4. Stories will be evaluated based on the following criteria (total of 10 marks available):
    • Up to 5 marks for Efforts & Impact: efforts made to improve employee experience and culture 
    • Up to 5 marks for Leadership & Results: proof points that the efforts to improve culture through Kudos® have benefited organizational results and employee performance
  5. Winners will be announced in November 2021

Selection Process

We have two categories for our awards based on several criteria: Culture Innovators & Culture Leaders. Having answers that address each element is not a requirement to earn an award; we consider your efforts, initiatives, goals, and successes (both anecdotal and KPI's and positive results) to see where you are on your path to building a great culture. The criteria we consider are as follows:


  • Demonstrated commitment by HR and Leadership to be a champion of corporate culture
  • Quantity and or quality of initiatives to increase employee engagement
  • Data that shows your efforts are delivering the desired results/trending in the right direction and or are have a measurable ROI
  • Employee feedback based on internal feedback and or external (ex. Glassdoor)
  • Kudos® activation, participation, KQ, and Kudos® Cultural Biorhythm insights
  • Communications, promotion, and reinforcement of the company core values and commitment to building a great culture their team can believe in and align to (internal and external)

This Awards Program Will Recognize: