Employee  Recognition  Buyer's  Guide 

Are you researching employee recognition software solutions for your organization? This guide is a comprehensive overview of how to choose the right employee recognition solution for your company's culture, goals, and budget. 

What Is Kudos®?

The modern workplace culture is changing – employees demand meaningful appreciation while traditional milestone and reward programs don't cut it anymore. Kudos® is the online employee engagement and culture platform that embraces the power of social software to help organizations share meaningful value-based recognition to create an irresistible workplace culture. Engagement programs powered by Kudos® see higher employee retention, improved employee happiness, and a boost in overall company performance. 

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  • The Employee Recognition Landscape
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Identifying Your Key Stakeholders 
  • Assessing Vendor Implementation and Support
  • Assessing Vendor Integrations Needed
  • Building Your Business Case & Measuring ROI
  • Free Platform Evaluation Checklist
  • Making the Purchase

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