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Peer-to-Peer Recognition Tied to Your Values, Culture, and Performance

Kudos® is the proven solution to unlock potential with employee recognition. Our clients see improved employee retention, improved culture, and reinforced company values.

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The World's Strongest Cultures Are Powered By Kudos®

Kudos® is the only employee recognition platform that offers multiple levels of recognition supporting appreciation and performance.

Simplify your Kudos® implementation and make participation easy through out-of-the-box integrations with the software your employees already use and love. Kudos® connects to Slack, Microsoft Office, SSO, HRIS, and more!

Seamless Integration with the Tools and Platforms You Already Use.

Kudos® People Analytics are a game-changer. Robust dashboards present deep insight into performance, workplace culture and employee experience.

Measure What's Working, And What Isn't.

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