Getting Executive Approval for an Employee Recognition Program

You’ve put in weeks of research, reading, learning, getting to know vendors, and experiencing demos - you’re ready to present a proposal to your executive team. But how do you build a proposal that gets approval from everyone on your executive team? 

Join us as we cover gathering critical information from vendors, identifying key stakeholders and their needs, and presenting a compelling case for your solution! 

What Is Kudos®?

The modern workplace culture is changing – employees demand meaningful appreciation while traditional milestone and reward programs don't cut it anymore. Kudos is the online employee engagement and culture platform that embraces the power of social software to help organizations share meaningful value-based recognition to create an irresistible workplace culture. Engagement programs powered by Kudos see higher employee retention, improved employee happiness, and a boost in overall company performance. 

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  • Create a compelling case for your stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Understand your audience and their needs
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In this workshop, we'll cover:

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Cheryl Smith
Director of Sales
Kudos®, Inc.

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Tom Short
Founder & Customer Chief Officer
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