How to Drive Employee Performance Through Core Values

Creating core values is one thing but living them is another.  Clear, specific and actionable values that are linked to tangible results enable HR professionals to streamline performance management and measurement. Your organizational leadership can use your core values to align employee efforts to business goals, improve productivity, and build a unique culture.

Shockingly, only 60% of organizations tie core values to their business goals.  

In this webinar, we'll uncover the importance of defining actionable values that align with your business goals, and how to establish the right kind of values-based recognition to see tangible results.

What Is Kudos®?

The modern workplace culture is changing – employees demand meaningful appreciation while traditional milestone and reward programs don't cut it anymore. Kudos is the online employee engagement and culture platform that embraces the power of social software to help organizations share meaningful value-based recognition to create an irresistible workplace culture. Engagement programs powered by Kudos see higher employee retention, improved employee happiness, and a boost in overall company performance. 

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Tom Short
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

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  • Creating clear, specific and actionable values 
  • Associating behaviours and qualities to your core values 
  • Aligning core values with key business goals 
  • Tying core values to your employee recognition program