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with Social Recognition

Timely employee recognition is consistently cited as a catalyst for increased engagement and performance. Create a culture of appreciation with the social recognition tool your employees will actually want to use!

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Kudos gives you HR superpowers:

Reduce Employee Turnover

Lack of recognition is one of the number one reasons why employees leave

Increase Employee Happiness

Employees that are recognized for what they do report feeling happier about their work

Nurture Creativity & Innovation

Encourage Creativity in your business by routinely recognizing it.

Promote Collaboration

Bring your business together with instant, easy communication in Kudos.

Kudos provides you with everything you need to begin recognizing and engaging your employees. You'll build a happier, more engaging workplace in no time

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Kudos is Social Recognition

Since Kudos is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, your employees can use it wherever they work - whether that’s sitting at a computer in the office, or while out on the road. You can even access Kudos using our native Android or iOS app, or from within your current work tools like Slack, Yammer, G-suite, or even your web browser.

Using Kudos’ rich analytics, you can discover trends in employee engagement and measure the impact your various company initiatives like inclusion programs, team-building events, etc. Kudos’ unique Organization Biorhythm analysis enables you to quickly and easily assess your organization’s overall health.

Our clients have seen amazing results in the reduction of turnover and an increase in employee engagement, but the implementation of the Kudos platform is only the beginning. When you partner with Kudos, you’re not just getting access to our platform, but we’ll provide ongoing product support. We’ll help you come up with a plan to engage your employees and keep them engaged over time. So help us change the world, one ‘thank you’ at a time, starting with your company!

Don't just take our word for it...

Lonwabo Budaza

MTN Recognition Specialist

"Kudos has helped us with our mission of delivering a Bold Digital World to our internal customers."

Tiffany Schroeder

HR Generalist

"Our employees were able to intuitively pick up how to use the platform with little training needed."

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